Thursday 6 March 2014

Tauranga today

Grayson Ottaway has kindly forwarded these shots as taken at NZTG today.
 Six autogyros parked out in the sunshine.
In the back row we have Heinz Kitzhoefer's AutoGyro Cavalon ZK-MKH (c/nV00062), then the Cavalon ZK-AVL (c/n 00115) of David Church, and on the right is the Mike O'Rourke Europe MT03 Eagle ZK-MOR (c/n NZ006).
The front row has MT03 Eagle ZK-RGG (06NZ001) from Gyrate NZ. The red one is the Cavalon ZK-DJW (c/n V00135) from Gyroflight, and in behind is the Darryl Goodwin Calidus ZK-DCF (c/n C00272).
Also out was the Boeing Stearman E75 ZK-XAF (c/n 75-5907) from the Bay of Plenty Classic Aircraft Company.

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