Saturday 15 March 2014

Some more non amateur builds as seen at Napier last weekend.
 The Auster ZK-BLW (c/n 3201) began as a model J5Q Alpine with a Gipsy Major engine and came to NZ for the Middle Districts Aero Club gaining its NZ CofA on 15-06-1956.
Other owners include D L Blackey of Wairoa from 26-01-1958 followed by T J Meredith of Ruatoria from 04-07-1959 who gave it the name "Ruth".
Next in line was I H Atkinson of Hanmer Springs from 03-12-1970. At about this time it was re-engine with a Lycoming O-320. It remained with the Atkinson's (Woodbank Deer Farm) until purchased by Jock Montgomery of Cheviot on 02-02-1980. Whilst with Jock it gained a Lycoming O-360.
The Crosbie's of Pukekohe took it over from 17-12-1990 and the current owners Bruce and S P Freemantle of Te Aroha were listed from 03-04-1992.
I believe it was stored for a period in the late 90's but is now in fine fettle.
 Piper PA-18 Super Cub ZK-BQY (c/n 18-5769) came to NZ thanks to the local agents Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch and was registered to them on 07-05-1957 and was then listed to the Northland Districts Aero Club of Whangarei from 21-08-1957. It had a bit of strife in February 1962, was duly repaired and then served short periods of time with the Auckland Flying School and the Paraparaumu Flying Schools, and I believe it did a stint at Gore with the Piper Syndicate of the Southern Districts Aero Club. In May 1964 it was with the Northern Wairoa Aero Club at Dargaville. It crashed into a hedge near Ardmore on 22-03-1968, with its registration being cancelled in August. Thames Aerial Top Dressing took on the rebuild and was re-registered as ZK-CYU to A D McLachlan and R J Stewart on 13-02-1969. Then we see Renton Foote of Ngatea on the paper work from 05-02-1971 followed by E A and A Mak of Mission Bay from 21-02-1977. It was re-listed to the CYU syndicate of Auckland on 29-06-1990. A two year rebuild took place from around 2002  by Andrew Philpotts and it was re-registered back to its original ZK-BQY marks on 07-04-2004.
 A slightly younger Piper Cub was ZK-BTX (c/n 7309) first registered to Airwork on 24-05-1960 followed by the Stratford Aero Club on 18-07-1960. other owners include the Rotorua Aero Club from 28-09-1968; Cub Syndicate of Taumaranui from 15-11-1971; T L Creighton and A R Miles of Reporoa from 16-08-1972; R R Ball of Green Meadows from 24-08-1984; N J Smith at Kotemaori on 15-07-1986; Arthur Heenan of Fortification from 05-11-1987 and then the Ardmore Tail Draggers Inc from 03-10-1995. It then had a couple of unfortunate incidents - Damaged on overshoot at Turangi on 05-02-1997 and at Karekare Beach on 20-12-1998. It was listed to Bruce Coulter of Auckland on 01-07-1999 and then rebuilt over about a five year period as an "Alaskan Super Cub" with a 180hp Lycoming, a flapped wing, cargo pod and big wheels.
 Of the same vintage as the Cub above is the Cessna 172B ZK-BYG (c/n 47792). A Rural Aviation Ltd import back in November of 1960. Owners include the Central Hawkes Bay Aero Club from 1961; R J Gunson (Enterprises) of Onga Onga from 24-11-1970.
Somewhere around here it gained a Avcon 180hp conversion. 
Charlie R H Beetham of Eketahuna had it from 31-07-1974; A Miers of Aokautere from 05-05-1982; Waihi Beach Flying Club Owners Group from 17-02-1993 and then the Waihi Beach Flying Club Inc from 26-01-1994. Present day owners are the BYG Flying Co Ltd of Kati Kati.
Although a resident in the Fly-in region I have included this (our one and only) Aero Commander 100 ZK-CTU (c/n 074). This aircraft was imported and registered to Flights Field Services Ltd of Wellington on 14-09-1967 and was assembled by Airwork at Ardmore during December 1967 and first flew on the 18th. The Auckland Flying School tried it out, followed by the Rotorua Aero Club from 25-03-1968 and then it was with the Opotiki Aero Club before being listed to M L Curtiss of Albany from 06-01-1972. Late that year Kauri Developments at Auckland took control.  B W Penhey appears on the paper work briefly from 26-09-1973 until moving to R W Dell on 27-11-73. P D Kelly of Mataura is listed from 19-03-1984 and then John E Holland of Hastings from 15-07-1987. Current owner Clem D Powell of Napier took over from 07-05-2013.

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