Tuesday 18 March 2014

Pauanui Today 18-3-2014

On a lovely flying afternoon I was at Pauanui Airfield where not much was happening. However, I thought I would hang around for a while to see what might turn up.

After only a short time a tailwheel Vans appeared for an overhead rejoin and I was delighted to find it was Bill Luther's newly imported RV 7 ZK-WLL.  This aircraft was imported by Bill from the USA where it was registered N715K, and it was first registered in New Zealand on 28/11/13.

It was followed in by another newbie - Technam P2008 ZK-ZZD which has been owned by the Renwick and Gallagher Syndicate of Auckland since 26/11/13, which was being flown by Harry Gallagher.  The two aircraft were flying together on a flight from Ardmore via Waihi Beach and called in to Pauanui for a coffee on the way home.  Harry Gallagher also owns his own RV 7 - ZK-LVA, that he imported from the USA in 2010.

Yesterday was also a lovely day at Pauanui and Seawind 3000 ZK-SWK departed mid afternoon.  last time I was at Pauanui ZK-SWK departed from the water in the Tairua estuary.  

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