Sunday 19 January 2020

ZK-HQL to a new home.

Hughes 369HS ZK-HQL3 (c/n 1220438S) as seen landing at Heli Maintenance at Christchurch on December the 19th last year.
As you can tell, it is a late 1972 built machine.
It came onto the NZ register on 10-07-2012 for Laurie Prouting of Station Air Ltd at Mayfield, transferring to Mesopotamia Station from 11-09-2018.
It carries the small 'Station Air Ltd ' decal on the bottom of the door.
It has now found a new home with Mick Gray out of Kaikoura.
Mick also lists the Robinson R22 Beta ZK-IMA and the R44 Raven II ZK-HCY3.


  1. How can we tell "you can tell, it is a late 1972 built machine"? --curious,thanks.

  2. Yo there bob.
    Not so much from the photo but from the c/n of 1220438S.
    First two numbers tell the month. So 12 = December.
    Third number is the last number of the year. So 2 = 1972 (in this case).
    The 0438S tell us it is the 438th 'S' model.

  3. Ah! Thank you!!