Friday 31 January 2020

Fokker Triplane Replica ZK-CCO Flies at Whitianga 24-1-2020

Peter Walton's full size Airdrome Aeroplanes Fokker Triplane replica ZK-CCO2 (c/n F1 02) made its first flight from Whitanga aerodrome one week ago, on Friday 24/1/20.

Gavin Magill was there and has kindly sent the following photos:

Pete Walton lines up on Runway 22 for the Triplane's first flight

Lift off! 

And thumbs up after the first flight.  

Pete's aircraft is serialled Fok F1 102/17 which represents a prototype aircraft, which led on directly to the Dr1 production Fokker Triplane.  Google states that the aircraft 102/17 was flown by Manfred von Richthofen and he scored his 60th victory in it on 7/9/17 (but I am not sure if the original aircraft was painted red).  Never the less ZK-CCO2 is a great achievement by Pete and it looks great.  I understand that the aircraft is powered by a Continental radial engine.

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  1. The original F.1 102/17 was definitely not painted red...