Friday 10 January 2020

Ardmore on 8-1-2020

On my hoped for final trip down to Stratford on Jodel matters, we called into Ardmore for a coffee stop mid morning.  It was quiet but I found a few aircraft to photograph:

The Percival P56 Provost T1 ZK-JOT (WV666) was parked out.

And amongst the miriad of different helicopter types were a couple of new ones to me - the Sikorsky S 76B ZK-IBI2,

and the MD 600N NOTAR ZK-HVH4 which was doing hovering trials.

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  1. ZK-HVH and HVW were delivered to Invercargill yesterday (10/01/20) from Ardmore via Paraparaumu for a fuel stop.