Saturday 11 January 2020

A Great Turnout for Lunch at Dargaville Today 11-1-2020

Benign light South-Westerlies saw a lot of aviators arriving at Dargaville for lunch today, and the lunch didn't disappoint! (except maybe for a few latecomers when the food had run out)  I counted around 25 visiting planes from the local area and as far away as Matamata and Waihi Beach.

Here is a view of most of them.  As with any gathering of sport aircraft, there was a wide variety of types.  From the left (if you click to expand) you can see a Savannah, Tecnam Golf, RV 6A (behind), Cherokee, Zenith CH 701 (behind), Bristell NG5, Jabiru J 200, Fantasy Air Allegro, Searey (behind), Bantam B 22, Challenger, Tecnam Golf, Tiger Moth (behind), Jodel D 11 (behind), a couple of more Cherokees, TL 3000 Sirius, Texan, Evektor SportStar Plus and a Jodel D 9.

There were several visiting aircraft that I had not seen at Dargaville before including this Evektor SportStar Plus ZK-MAC2 that has been with a Pukekohe owner since 25/10/19.

And this Fantasy Air Allegro ZK-DCU has been with a Kerikeri owner since 10/7/19.

Roger Coleclough flies the floats off his Searey ZK-SRY and after he took off from the aerodrome on his way home, he did a touch and go in the adjacent Northern Wairoa River.

And a definite first time visitor to Dargaville was Keith Morris's Jodel D 9 ZK-KMM.

Altogether a great day!

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  1. Looked like quite a good turnout, have to venture up for one at some stage! Good to see KMM up there, hope to see down my end of the woods sometime...