Saturday 25 January 2020

Belated photos from Ardmore

Errol Cavit has kindly sent in these two photographs taken at Ardmore on January 12th 2020

The Found Aircraft Canada Inc E-350 Expedition (FBA-2C3) N883MX (c/n 307) as seen on take off and now on its wheeled undercarriage.
It arrive in NZ back in 2018 on amphibious floats as a pattern aircraft for Pacific Aerospace at Hamilton for their now up and running production line.
The first aircraft from this line became ZK-EXP2 on 11th November last year.
Some earlier shots of N883MX can be seen HERE

Also of interest was the Cessna 441 Conquest II VH-VEW (c/n 4410264) as operated by VEE Aviation of ACT, Australia.
This moved around a bit in its earlier days - initially as N88795, then an attempt to become F-ODJP, followed by time as G-EVNS, F-ODUJ, N264WS, C-GKCH and C-FWCP before becoming VH-VEW on 23rd January 2006.

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  1. Shortly after this was posted on the 25th, I got a shot of VH-VEW involving somewhat less heat haze.