Sunday 19 January 2020

Tauranga City Airshow 18-1-2020

The Classics of the Sky Tauranga City Airshow was held yesterday afternoon.  This event also encompassed The Mount Truck Show so there was also lots of exotic machinery on display.

Rodger Coleclough flew down to the airshow and has sent a few photos:

Wayne Cutforth's 75% scale Jurca Spitfire was again on display, now with an impressive spinner.

NZ Warbirds were there in force with the Mustang and Kittyhawk.  They also had the Roaring 40s Harvard display team at the show and they flew a display with the Air Force's Black Falcon display team.

Fighter Jets NZ flew a display with their blue L 39 Albatross "88".  They were offering an airshow special of $3,500 for a 30 minute jet flight.

This is the Avenger that Classic Flyers have been restoring.  I understand that it has been restored so the wings can fold.

 A pretty mean looking racing special with an aircraft V 12 engine I guess.

And an even wierder looking motorbike!


  1. Avenger NZ2539's wings indeed do fold but unfortunately a hydraulic fault developed on Friday morning preventing that happening. A propellor has arrived but is not fully assembled as it is missing some parts. The car is powered by a Rolls Royce Meteor Metro tank engine which was used by a variety of tanks in WWII. Also on display was Vampire NZ5751. Taxiing on the day was Macchi NZ6469 and Hunter ZK-JIL. Its engine was started on Friday for the first time in six years. Although not part of the proceedings, John Pheasant's Thruxton Jackeroo ZK-PHZ (ex G-AOIO) was parked on the field. He transferred the wings from Tiger Moth ZK-BFF possibly as late as Friday! New wings for the Tiger are on John's agenda.

  2. I thought the canopy on Wayne Cutforth's machine looked a bit large in proportion to the rest of the aircraft so I thought it may not be a full-scale example. Thanks to an old NZCA post I was right! - it's an MJ-10, not the full-scale MJ-100:

  3. Thanks for that Handbag. Now that we have another 75% scale Spitfire (Gary Marsh's Mk 25 ZK-RGV at Stratford), I tried to scale the canopy against the length of the aircraft and it checks out the Wayne Cutforth's machine is also 75%. I understand that it has a 400 HP Chevrolet V8 engine and maybe this also indicates a 75% scale?