Sunday 4 January 2009

Question time # 33

What's this then ?
What's it on ?
What's it do ?
& while you are at it. What is the registration of this aircraft ?


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009

  2. 1. Top of an engine

    2. Air intake

    3. For guiding air into engine for cooling and using for combustion

    4. Lake LA 4 And a wild guess

    Cheers and Happy New Year Barry

  3. Ah Ha.
    Anonymous Barry's offer above :-
    1. Wrong
    2. Correct
    3. Wrong
    4. Wrong/Wrong

  4. Is the machine on floats? Fixed or rotary? Homebuilt? Rare? Easy to find? A hint may be in order just one please?!!

  5. Yo there PD.
    Non floater or skier.
    Fixed wing.
    Factory built 5000 +
    A goodly number been in NZ although this later model much less common here.
    Like anything,its easy to find if you know where to look.

    Now : is that a clue or is that a clue ?

  6. Is it a MD 500 NOTAR at Queenstown?

    Sir Minty

  7. Bluebus, is it a twin engine? Turboprop? Beech? Cessna? De Havilland? Piper? Mooney?

    Taildragger? Tricycle? North or south island based?

    Process of elimination?!

  8. Evening & welcome aboard Sir Minty.
    It is not a rotary machine and not at Queenstown.

    PD : Now look here comrade! You are meant to be telling me - NOT asking me.
    But - Because you ask so nicely, it is from one of the big three from the US of A. With a photo background like that - It has to be in the mainland, but there is one in the Pig Island, but I cannot recall seing this intake on it. I don't know of any twin engine or turbine conversion yet.

  9. Cessna 180/5? Zk-BDR

    It maybe Piper PA-32-260 or piper cub/super. also looks like it was taken near queenstown? omarama