Friday 9 January 2009

Extra Good!

Resident at Ardmore since the beginning of December 2008 is Extra EA 300/L ZK-XRA c/n 085. The purpose built aerobatic machine is registered to X Flight Ltd of Auckland.

Launching off runway 03 at Ardmore 08Jan09, Mike Condon photo


  1. A serious looking piece of kit.

    Would be nice to get a close shot up of the script/advertising/signatures or whatever they are on the forward fuselage/engine cowling.

  2. Click on the image DxP and you should get a larger one (so to speak).

  3. Can't find a better way to add this! Was at Ardmore 5 January and two P2002RG were being unpacked from a container at Tecnam. Any identities yet?

  4. Nice picture - thats me in the back seat taking my eldest daughter for her first flight in the beast. She's a budding photographer - I think she snapped off about 30 shots during the 25 minutes we were up, including at least one on take-off!

  5. Hi there Grant.
    Nice looking beast. I Spy your px (daughter) there with camera in hand.

    Any chance you could contact me off blog please. Flick a brief email to me at and I will get back to you.

  6. i am looking for email contacts of extra300l owners zk xra for some technical questions because we will have soon extra plane in tahiti
    tanks david