Saturday 31 January 2009

The difference a day (and circumstances) make.

Yesterday (Friday 30-01-2009) I called into the Canterbury Aero Clubs engineering workshop to see what progress had been made on assembling the new Archer III's. The answer was - None.
Today (Saturday 31-01-0-09) the Archer ZK-EQP has been moved out of the way and N6073E is having the last vestiges of its US markings removed while the wings and tailplane are being attached as you watch (engineer in cockpit working on wing attachments). This was registered as ZK-LJJ yesterday.
This burst of activity being the result of yesterdays loss of the Archer ZK-EBW near Lake Ellesmere.
Thanks to the Canterbury Aero Club for permitting me to poke around. It also was an open day today (Saturday) hence the couple wandering around in the background.

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