Friday 16 January 2009

Aircraft Auction at Omaka AHC

An auction is to be held at the Aviation Heritage Centre at Omaka on January 24th.
This auction includes several aircraft.
The Spezio Tuholer project (above) is one of the items listed.

Trevor Collin's Porterfield 35-70 Flyabout ZK-POR. (Pic above) is also on offering. Less than 1000 hours total time since 1935, and only about 2 hours since rebuild.
If you have ever dreamed of getting into vintage and historic aviation this could be your chance of doing so without spending vast sums.

Other items include the Schleicher K6 glider ZK-GKF.
A Nanchang " Fighter" .
A North America F86 Sabre jet.
The Q200 ZK-FWF.

For further detail have a look at and look under Latest News & Events, then Vehicle & Wings Auction.

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