Saturday 10 January 2009

Ardmore Today

Nothing much was happening at a grey Ardmore today, but Doug Brooker was flying his MXR Technologies MX2 ZK-MXT. This aircraft is a 300HP carbon fibre aerobatic machine that is stressed to plus and minus 14G! It was first registered on 27/8/07.

Also of carbon fibre construction is Falcomposite Furio ZK LLG which was first registered on 14/12/07. It now has the name "Mental" painted on the canopy frame. Another Furio is being worked on at the Tecnam hangar.

Finally, most of the Warbirds aircraft were out of their hangar, including 6 Harvards, 2 Airtrainers, the Mustang and the L 29 Delphin - shown here under the wing of the Catalina.

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  1. Ummm.....It occurred to me after I had posted this blog, that the Furio isn't now named MENTAL, but rather that the EXPERI part was missing! Sorry about that!