Saturday 24 January 2009

Fokker Triplanes at WOW

Some more offerings from Wings Over Wairarapa 09. There were 3 Fokker Triplanes on display as above.
As with my last post, I really don't have any idea what their registrations are. Can anyone provide the details?
The only Fokker Triplane that I know that these are not is ZK-FOK that was built by Stewart Tantrum in Levin, first registered on 19/2/85. This Triplane has a larger motor (a Continental radial from a tank I think), than the other 6 Fokker Triplanes that are in New Zealand - these other 6 came from the USA, (ZK- FOC, FOD, FOT, JOC, JOG and JOK). They are all owned by The Vintage Aviator.


  1. Reading from the top, they are ZK-FOT, ZK-JOG and ZK-FOC.

  2. Thanks Greybeard. I should have asked you when we were at Masterton? How did you know which is which?

  3. I asked one of the engineers about two years ago, and the markings haven't changed since. I think Aviation News later confirmed the data.

  4. Thanks again Greybeard. I have also found photos of all the 7 Triplanes with registrations on I got to by Googling "The Vintage Aviator Fokker Triplanes" and clicking onto (they didn't seem to come up when I searched under Fokker Dr1) Of the other Triplanes ZK-JOK has a white fuselage stripe and a white tail, ZK-JOC has a red diagonal cross on a yellow fuselage band, ZK-JOB has the blue rear fuselage and tail, and ZK-FOK is the Red Baron's machine.