Friday 9 January 2009

More Omarama towplanes

Now that QT # 33 has ben resolved I can show you some of the other tow planes I found during a quick visit to Omarama on 02-01-2009.

ZK-OMA2 which is a Gippsland GA200 with a c/n of 2009413. It started life as VH-AWI4 before changing to VH-IWI and being listed to Ray Patchett of Blenheim on 21-09-94. It ferried from Norfolk Island into New Plymouth, Wanganui and Omaka on 12-10-94. It joined the NZ register as ZK-CMC2 on 20-10-94 with RL & LA Patchett of Blenheim. Keith R Baillie of Seddon feature from 20-07-2000 and then Hogan Ag-Air from out the back of Amberley from 10-04-2001. It was re-registered as ZK-PGH3 on 07-05-2001. We next see it with Chris Donovan Ag-Air at Taihape from 15-04-2003. I then noted it being for sale at Dennis Thompson's at Ardmore in September of 2006. Glider Rentals Ltd of Omarama (Glide Omarama) picked it up from 18-06-2007 and its registration was changed again on 29-08-2008 to the more apt ZK-OMA. Pic of ZK-PGH3 above at AVTEK Timaru on 01-11-2007.
Pic below of it at Southair at Taieri with the OMA letters being applied on 17-10-2008.

Also on the field was the Piper PA-25-250 Pawnee B ZK-CNG, down from Hororata for the Canterbury Gliding Clubs Xmas camp and for the gliding champs. This is c/n 25-3624 which was with Airwork from 07-06-1966 until moved to Aerial Sowing (Canty) Ltd of Amberley from 31-03-1969. It was listed to the Canterbury Gliding Club on 16-08-1974. It is now back to its two bladed constant speed prop having had a four bladed wooden version fitted for a few years.
Piper PA-18A Super Cub ZK-BFV has been resident at Omarama now for some years with Gavin Wills. This started as a 150hp ag machine with Airwork from 21-03-1955. It had a serious prang in early 1958 but was repaired and continued with Airwork until a D R Fraser of Harwarden appears on the paperwork. Gavin Wills (then of Alpine Guides Ltd) acquired it from 10-05-1972. Some time in 1979 it was re-powered with a 180hp Lycoming and to a three seater by Bruce Drake.
Cessna 172M Skyhawk II ZK-DNS c/n 62269 is now used by Youth Glide Omarama as a towplane.
A product of 1973 it was imported by Rex Aviation and registered on 14-11-1973 before delivery to the Tauranga Aero Club on 01-02-1974. It went back to Airwork on 15-12-80 and then to Stewart Logging of Rotorua from 30-09-81. The DNS syndicate of Levin feature from 03-05-1991 with DNS Leasing of Dunedin taking over from 14-08-2007.

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