Tuesday 6 January 2009

For All You Petrel Heads

Sorry about that!

I was also at North Shore airfield on Sunday afternoon (had to pick the dog up from the boarding kennel), and I came across this unique microlight. It is a S.M.A.N Petrel ZK JAQ owned by John Eaton of Milford. John has operated this amphibian from Milford Beach on the North Shore of Auckland for several years where he had a beachfront property with a seaplane ramp, (although I never sighted it despite living and working nearby). John says it flies well. It is very difficult to take a photo showing the registration as it is only under the wing and is mostly hidden by the wingtip floats.

It is currently for sale as in the hangar next door John has 2 nearly completed projects - a Canadian Home Rotors Safari helicopter, and more exotically, a Pitts Model 12 with a big Russian radial motor up front. The Pitts has ZK PTS reserved and John is aiming to have it completed for CAA inspection by the end of January. This may be the 45th Pitts Model 12 in the world to fly according to an interesting website www.pittsmodel12.com .

Has anyone taken photos of ZK JAQ operating off Milford Beach?

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  1. What happened to ZK-PCT? Which is also a Petrel.