Tuesday 6 January 2009

Ardmore 05 January 2009

Recently imported Agusta A119 MKII Koala ZK-ISR c/n 14710 was being inspected outside the Airwork hanger before winding up and departing towards the east. This new machine is registered to Heli Solutions of Tauranga who briefly (Dec 07 until Oct 08) operated an older model of the same breed, ZK-IHS.

Murphy Rebel ZK-DKZ carried out some circuits, first time I've come across this grunty sounding machine. It was registered to a Mr DK Horton in August 2008.

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  1. Visiting from UK I was at Ardmore 5 January and saw two new Tecnams in a container about to be unloaded (2000RG, I believe) Can anyone identify them for me, please? Also, is there anything available about the Olsen gyrocopters?