Friday 2 September 2022

Update on ZK-CLK and ZK-MDF.

Allan Churn has sent this photo taken yesterday of his two ex NZ aircraft in his hangar.

The Sud Aviation Gardan GY-80 Horizon 150 ZK-CLK c/n 71 departed Kaitaia for Norfolk Island on 13-11-1999 continuing on to Western Australia to become VH-YOG on 18-01-2000 with Blair Howie of the Bunbury Airport Flying School. It was moved on to Dennis Coxall of East Bunbury from 29-09-2008 and then sold to Allan Churn of Ferndale from 22-06-2009 and based at the Serpentine Airfield (south Perth). 
It has not flown since the start of covid but is just now coming out of hibernation to have an ADS-B transponder fitted followed by an engineering check before getting back into the air.

His other aircraft on the left of the above photo is the Macchi MB308 previously ZK-MDF c/n 79/5852. This is of 1947 Italian vintage and was originally registered as I-AHDF until its listing in NZ on 01-10-1998.
It was cancelled from the NZ register as exported to Australia on 17-09-2002 and the Australian registration of VH-MBZ was pencilled in for it. Instead it was listed onto the RAAus register as 24-5431 and first flew as such on 17-08-2008 with Allan Churn. It was cocooned after its right wingtip was damaged in a take off incident on 04-07-2009 and it has not flown since and is currently listed for sale.

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