Tuesday 27 September 2022

More Waikato helicopters

A windy day kept most of the Rotor Work fleet in the Waikato grounded today and visiting 3 of their bases the following were noted starting with R44 ZK-HFV5 at their main Kihikihi base.  This was imported new back in 2004 briefly as ZK-HKV3, then ZK-HKP3 before becoming HFV upon acquisition by Rotor Work in 2014.

Further down the road near Te Kuiti was R44 ZK-IWH which has recently acquired a smart new paint scheme.  This was imported new in 2004 and acquired by Rotor Work in 2017.

And inland at Kopaki was the company's sole AS350B2 sprayer ZK-HAN2.   This was imported from the US in 2013 and acquired by the company in 2014.


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