Friday 23 September 2022

More fabulous models for sale in Geraldine.

 Last November I passed through Geraldine and posted some photos of some magnificent metal models noted in the McAtamney Gallery and Design Store in Talbot Street, Geraldine (main street).

On Tuesday last I spotted some more of these detailed metal models in the Gallery window.

I am uncertain what scale these are but, in the photo, above you can see Carolyn's hand holding the tail of the Mustang.

I would guess that the smaller Spitfire and Mustang would be about 1/72nd scale.

A better view of the Mustang with the Spitfire and two different sized Concords beyond.

This DC-3 photo was taken through the Gallery window.

If you want to know more give Carolyn a tingle on 027 3053000.

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