Tuesday 13 September 2022

Skywork Helicopters AS 350 B3 at Warkworth 13-9-2022

Keeping with the helicopter theme, but this time of the variety that works for a living, Skyworks Helicopters Airbus AS 350 B3 ZK-HEE5 was transporting skip loads of gravel from the A&P Showgrounds to an inaccessible site only about a kilometre from their base:

ZK-HEE5 is obviously the fifth use of the registration, and it was registered to Skyworks helicopter Ltd  on 10/12/14.

But it is not the first ZK-HEE to be owned by Skyworks, as ZK-HEE4 was the unique in New Zealand intermeshing rotors Kaman K 1200 K Max.  It was first registered her on 4/12/08 and after some local use it went to Australia and was cancelled from the New Zealand register on 1/7/13.  It is photo'd below at Illawarra on 5/5/13.

But wait!  There is more!  The third use of the registration, ZK-HEE3 was also owned by Skyworks.  It was an Aerospatiale Squirrel AS350B that was re-registered from ZK-HXK in October 2001 and was cancelled in December 2006.

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