Monday 12 September 2022

Homebuilt Helicopters of New Zealand - A Different Exec

Observant readers of the blog will have noticed that in my previous post on Rotorway Exec 162Fs I stated that we have had nine of them registered here, but I only posted photos of eight airframes.

That is because our ninth Exec 162F is a different beast.  In fact although CAA show it as a 162F model, in fact it is a turbine powered Jet Exec ..The Jet Exec is powered by a Solar T 62-32 Titan turbine engine that is typically sourced from an auxiliary power unit in a larger aircraft or helicopter, and develops similar power to the RW 162 internal combustion engine.   The kit to convert the 162F airframe is manufactured by KISS Aviation of Perris, California.  The primary drive is through a KISS designed clutch and the tail rotor is driven by a shaft and right angled gearbox.  The weight of the Jet Exec is less than the 162F Exec and the turbine engine is smoother running and more reliable (but the fuel usage is up).

We have had just the one Jet Exec conversion of the Rotorway Exec 162F registered in New Zealand:

ZK-IGH2 (c/n 6632) was registered to Jet Exec NZ Ltd (Peter J Stewart) of Timaru on 26/8/11.  It is photo'd above at Timaru on 30/6/11, showing the detail of the turbine engine installation.

And it is photo'd here at Rangitata Island on 22/8/13, where you can see the revised lines of the upper engine cowling (compared to a 162F Exec).  On 6/2/22 ownership transferred to Dantex Ltd of Hamilton with whom it is still current.

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