Wednesday 14 September 2022

Homebuilt Helicopters of New Zealand - Rotorway A 600 Talons

The Rotorway A 600 Talon was introduced in the early 2000s.  It is a development of the Rotorway Exec 162F but it incorporates a different structure, the tail rotor is shaft driven and it has taller landing gear legs.  It also has an improved engine, the RI 600S which is turbocharged.

We have had 2 Rotorway Talons registered in New Zealand to date:

ZK-IJJ (c/n 8107) was built by Sam Orchard and was registered to Sam Contacting 2000 Ltd of Seddon on 20/7/19.  It is photo'd above at a flyin at Charlie Draper's strip at Darfield on 7/4/18.

And our second Talon is an Aussie import.  It was built by Kevin C Lunn of Beckenham, Western Australia and it was registered to him as VH-LUN on 22/5/08.  On 23/8/10 ownership transferred to Aero Support Group Pty Ltd of Taringa in Queensland and it was cancelled from the Australian register for export to New Zealand on 11/9/18.

It was registered ZK-IAD on 11/2/20 to David L Ainslie of Arrowtown, and it is photo'd above at Cromwell on 22/3/21.

That ends our coverage of Rotorway helicopters in New Zealand to date.  We have done pretty well with photos of them, but could Anonymous who posted that he had photos of our sole Rotorway Scorpion Too please get in touch with Dave Paull on  or me, Keith Morris on  Thanks - we would like to see those photos!


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