Monday 4 March 2019

KR 2s at Masterton 23-2-2019

Another highlight for me at Masterton was being able to catch up with the two Rand KR 2s that are based on the field.  I have been to Masterton many times and have always looked for them but I have never seen them out until last weekend, when their hangar was a great vantage point for watching the Wings Over Wairarapa Air Festival.  Thanks very much for inviting me over Wayne.

Although I had never seen the 2 aircraft in the flesh, I had received photos of them from their builders Ben Wilkinson and Wayne Rayner for my series on Rand KR 2s of New Zealand at:

ZK-SLK is now owned by SL Southey of Waikanae, having been purchased from the estate of Ben Wilkinson on 13/11/18.  I was told that it has flown 38 hours to date.

And Wayne Rayner told me that he has more than 100 hours up in his lengthened KR 2S ZK-SKR.

Both of these aircraft were immaculate.

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