Tuesday 19 March 2019

Roko Aero NG 4(s) of New Zealand

The Roko Aero NG 4 Stratus is another sport aircraft design to come from the Czech Republic.  It was designed by Jiri Konecny who had earlier designed the CZAW Sport Cruiser.  The Roko Aero NG 4 has much in common with the Sport Cruiser and uses some of its components.  (I also wonder about its possible connection to the Bristell NG 5 which is another very similar looking Czech sport aircraft of similar construction and the same fuselage dimensions.  There was an earlier Bristell NG 4 and both the NG 4 and the NG 5 were designed by Milan Bristela who also worked on the design of the Sport Cruiser).  It comes as either a microlight (UL) or LSA which has a longer wing.

The Roko Aero NG 4 is of rivetted aluminium construction with composite fairings and engine cowling.  Its length is 6.45 metres (21 feet 2 inches) and the UL wingspan is 8.10 metres (26 feet 7 inches)  Empty weight is around 300 Kg (660 pounds) and MAUW is 544 Kg (1,200 pounds).  With a 100 HP engine, typically a Rotax, cruise speed is around 150 mph and thanks to the large flaps the stall speed is a low 34 mph.

We have had only one Roko Aero NG 4 Stratus registered in New Zealand:

ZK-SAY (c/n 0001) was registered to the agents Aerosport Aviation Ltd (Anton Meier) of Cambridge on 16/5/08.  (Aerosport Aviation were also the agents for the CZAW Sport Cruiser).  It is photo'd above at the 2009 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 7/2/09.  It did not sell in New Zealand and it was cancelled on 6/1/10, being sold in Australia as 24-7357.

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