Friday 1 March 2019

Wings Over Wairarapa (2) - Yaks

There were 11 Yak aircraft on the field at Wings Over Wairarapa:

On the display line were Graeme Frew's Yak 3 Full Noise ZK-VVS and in the background the 9 aircraft Yak 52 team.  I noted that 7 of the 9 aircraft now have 3 bladed propellers and spinners.

According to the commentary the Yak team is the only one in the world to perform a 9 aircraft loop.

and arriving early for the NZ Aerobatic Championships was Steve Geard's Yak 55M ZK-YKV.  The championships are being held at Hood from 27 February to 2 March.


  1. Certainly the Red Arrows loop 9 Hawks...

  2. The commentary was that this was the only 9 ship Yak team to fly a loop. I wonder what is the maximum number of aircraft to do a formation loop?