Tuesday 5 March 2019

A quick whiz through Rangiora # 2.

A quick look at Rangiora last weekend found the following.
The Chilton DW1 as built by John Gray is very near completion. The engine cowling still needs painting and the blue cheat line on the fin needs attention. 
Then a CAA inspection followed by its first flight.
Imported by Kevin Mattson of Bushcat Aviation Ltd in late 2017 the Rainbow Skyreach Bushcat ZK-ZOZ (c/n CH148B) was sold to Tascha Lawry of Loburn North last September to replace her Jabiru SK80 ZK-JBI which was sold locally.
The ICP Savannah S ZK-SDR2 (c/n 16-06-54-0477) first flew for the SDR Syndicate in July last year. 
Why 'SDR' ?    S = Savannah.   D = Doug and R = Roy.
The Cessna A185E Skywagon ZK-DYH (c/n 18501848) of Lake Heron Ventures Ltd wears 'Lake Heron Station' titles and a 'Heron' graphic on its fin.
This was imported by Jules Tapper for his Hollyford Tourist and Travel Co Ltd in 1974.

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