Thursday 14 March 2019

Handiflight Around the World Flyers in New Zealand

A couple of interesting global flyers have crossed the Tasman arriving into Kerikeri on 9 March:

Flight Design CTLS HB-WYB is the aircraft crewed by disabled pilots and set up for full hand controls.  The logo on the tail is that of Handicapped International.

While Piper PA 24-250 Commanche HB-OVW is the support aircraft.  Both aircraft are shown arriving at Tauranga on 12 March,and below is a selfie of HB-WYB over the Northern end of Omaha Beach, taken from their website.

The round the world flight began in Switzerland on 18/11/18 with two CTLS aircraft but tragically, one crashed in Thailand in late December killing pilot Mike Lomberg.

They will be touring around New Zealand over the next few weeks.

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