Friday 29 March 2019

Morgan Aeroworks Aircraft of New Zealand - Cheyenne

There has been another model of Morgan Aero Works aircraft registered in New Zealand - the one off Morgan 10 Cheyenne.  This aircraft was a 15 metre span motor glider powered by an 80 HP Jabiru 2200 engine.  The fibreglass wings were constructed using foam ribs as far as I can make out, and the cockpit/engine mount/undercarriage mounts were connected by a steel frame.

The aircraft was registered VH-NZJ2 in Australia on 22/1/14 and its first flight was in May 2016 with an 18 metre 4 piece wing which was later replaced wit a 15 metre wing.  There is a video of it flying at:  (You have to scroll down a bit to the video).

Garry Morgan returned back to New Zealand in 2017 with the aircraft being cancelled from the Australian Civil Register on 17/2/17.

ZK-CZJ2 (c/n GFA/AB/150) was registered to Garry Morgan of Renwick on 7/8/17 as an Amateur Built Aircraft with a MAUW of 698 Kg.  The above photo was taken at Omaka in August 2017.

Sadly, the aircraft didn't last very long on the New Zealand Register as on 31 December 2017 it suffered a major wing failure when flying over the Blairich Range South of Blenheim.  Remarkably the aircraft spiralled down (a bit like a sycamore seed I guess) and impacted on a steep slope with only minor injuries to the two occupants who walked to the top of the range and called for help by cellphone.  The aircraft was fitted with a ballistic parachute but it could not be fired because the wing had folded over it.  An amazing escape!

It was cancelled from the New Zealand Civil Register on 18/1/18.

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