Sunday 24 March 2019

A new pair of legs.

 I noticed the Denney Kitfox III ZK-KNZ (c/n 798 AACA/2013) taxing out at Rangiora yesterday and it looked somehow pleasingly different.
 Turns out it has inherited the undercarriage legs from the late Kitfox Lite Squared ZK-ELE2.
See ZK-ELE Here.
It also now lacks the under fuselage pod.
Ownership title passed from Paul Godfrey to the KNZ Syndicate on 27-09-2018.
Below we have an earlier view of ZK-KNZ with its original undercarriage arrangement at Rangiora on 30-01-2015.
And below I caught it at Christchurch International on 31-03-1992 when it was just over a year old.


In fact all three of the 'Godfrey' Kitfox's were out yesterday.
ZK-JFA (c/n C94080051/MAANZ/527) now with the under body pod has been with Paul since 04-12-2015.
 ZK-KIV (c/n 1642) has been with Michael since 28-12-2014.

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