Sunday 10 March 2019

More helicopters from down South.

Some more helicopters noted during my recent meanderings.
Two more from Wanaka.
Above is the Eurocopter AS 350 BB ZK-HOM3 (c/n 2952) from The Alpine Group Ltd.
The BB model was originally built for the UK Ministry of Defense Helicopter Flying School in the 1990's and released to the civil market from around 2017. 
ZK-HOM3 joined our register on 03-09-2018.
Above - also at Wanaka was the Hughes 369E ZK-HNW(c/n 0347E) of the Alpine Group Ltd wearing Alpine Helicopters titles.
Below is the matching Hughes 369E ZK-HMW3 (c/n 0421E) as seen at Heli Maintenance Ltd in Christchurch a few days later.

Cromwell based is the Eurocopter EC 120 B ZK-IZO2 (c/n 1058) of Heliview Flights.
This first flew in NZ at Motueka on 10-07-2018.

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