Sunday 30 April 2017

Packs of Yaks, Nanchangs and Harvards at Classic Fighters

There were impressive numbers of Yak 52s, Nanchangs and Harvards at Classic Fighters.  They were mostly parked in a large triangle with the Yaks parallel to Runway 12.

There were nine Yak 52s in this line up (out of the 20 that are registered in New Zealand).  They were ZK-KGB2, ZK-YKA, ZK-XXS, ZK-YAQ3, ZK-YAK2, ZK-PTE2, ZK-KEV2, ZK-ZAH and ZK-YAC2.  The first eight aircraft flew in the Yak 52 formation aerobatic team display.

There were seven Nanchangs in this line up (out of the 9 that are registered here).  They were ZK-CHG2, ZK-FRU2, ZK-CVI2, ZK-OII, ZK-KWI3 ZK-JQS and ZK-STP.  There was one other Nanchang on the field being the newly restored ZK-WOK that was marked as such although it is not yet re-registered.

And here are the five Harvards that made up the NZ Warbirds Roaring 40s aerobatic team.  These five were NZ1053/ZK-JJA, NZ1078/ZK-ENG, NZ1052/ZKMJN, "92"/ZK-WAR and NZ1065/ZK-ENF. and NZ1098/ZK-ENJ is on the end of the line up.  There were three additional Harvards on the field being NZ1076/ZK-ENB, the ex SAAF ZK-XSA and the RNZAF Historical Flight's NZ1015 which was registered as ZK-RNZ2 on 11/7/16.  This aircraft is now painted up in the green and brown camouflage scheme that it first wore when it was delivered to the RNZAF in 1943.  That is 9 Harvards out of the 16 that we have registered here.

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