Monday 3 April 2017

RAANZ Flyin at Rangiora - A Few from the Hangars

The RAANZ flyin was held at Rangiora from Friday 31 March to Sunday 2 April, and good weather pretty much across New Zealand produced a good attendance.  However for my first post I thought I would post a few interesting aircraft from the hangars that were open.

 Aeriane Swift ZK-LAJ (c/n 020509/94) is a very light glider that was registered to T Pentecost of Christchurch on 2/3/17

It is the enclosed cockpit version powered by an 18HP  Bailey 175 pusher motor with a 3 blade feathering propeller.  It is self launching (see the small wheels on the wingtips) and has a claimed glide ratio of 1:27.

ZK-EMP2 (c/n 126) is a Johnston Acrolite 1C that is registered to B Johnston of Christchurch.

An as yet unregistered TEAM hi Max is getting close in Graeme Main's hangar.

RANS S 10 ZK-SIO (c/n 0893163/MAANZ/489) is registered to Thompson Aeronautical Ltd of Christchurch and has been extensively refurbished and repainted in a new colour scheme.

And our only single seat Titan Tornado ZK-TRT2 (c/n T97503COHK0260) has also recently been refurbished and returned to the air.  It is registered to RM Webb of Akaroa.

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  1. Some vids of the Lads heading there and back just scroll down