Tuesday 11 April 2017

RAANZ Flyin at Rangiora - a Quartet from the Deep South

The settled weather last weekend bought visiting aircraft from quite a distance including this variety four different types from Southland:

RANS S 6S ZK-RHR (c/n 05921957) of Robert Harpur came from Tuatapere.

Michael Blomfield came from Nightcaps in his Aerospool Dynamic WT 9 ZK-ZOW (c/n DY038/2003)

Bill Hopcroft in his Tecnam P 92 Eaglet UL ZK-DDE2 (c/n 1479) came from Balfour.  It was parked up for most of the weekend.

and George Taylor in Pipstrel Sinus ZK-GIM2 (c/n 129 S9120104) came from Mossburn.  The Pipstrel was very active during the flyin.

It seems a long time ago to the nice weather of Rangiora as I sit in Auckland expecting the next deluge - I only hope it all slides past Omaka by the weekend.

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