Saturday 8 April 2017

Ardmore today 08-04-2017

Magnaman was at Ardmore today and offers these pics.
 Out in the sunshine was the Percival P.28B Proctor 1 ZK-DPP2 (c/n K.305) of Guy Clapshaw.
It was reconstructed at Mandeville to Vega Gull format with its flat windscreen panels.
 Three Yak52's were also out for some sunshine.
 The Kaipara Aviation Trust's ZK-XXS (c/n 8910001) shows its three  bladed prop.
Above we have ZK-YAC2 (c/n 822108) from Yak 52 Ltd.
And ZK-YAK2 (c/n 9712002) is the Fine Particles Application Ltd's example.

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