Friday 14 April 2017

Question time # 194 resolved

Question time # 194 has been answered to my satisfaction by ZK-CKE and by Brian Lockstone.
Above is the photo crop used.
Taken from the photo below.
 We have the Vickers V807 Viscount ZK-BWO as seen on the production line on the 23rd of May 1960.
 I think that is Roy McDonald in the undercarriage bay. 
He was the NZNAC Chief Inspector at the time.
All the above photographs come from the late Ron McDonald collection.
ZK-BWO (c/n 428) first flew on 09-05-1961 and was delivered into Auckland on the 29th.
It was named "City of Dunedin".
 Above is a view of ZK-BWO at Dunedin's Momona airport.
I assume it comes from either the Otago Daily Times or Evening Star newspaper.
I am guessing opening day in May 1962.
It had that well publicised off runway excursion at Wellington Airport on 17-02-1963
 Above ZK-BWO at Christchurch Airport.
 Above - at Christchurch in its later colour (Godwit) scheme in February of 1974 from the CMM collection.
Its final revenue earning flight was from Palmerston North to Wellington and on to Christchurch on 28-09-1975.
Another CMM shot shows it at Christchurch in November 1975 minus all NZNAC markings and awaiting disposal.
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  1. No many people realise that the Viscount Cockpit is actually a pressurised dome like a Canberra cockpit - its just faired into the rest of the fuselage.