Sunday 16 April 2017

More from Andy at Omaka

 Guy Clapshaw's Percival 28 Proctor 1 with Vega Gull mods ZK-DPP2  (c/n K305) cruises in to land.
 North American NA88 Harvard  III ZK-ENG (c/n 88-15873) as "NZ1078" flies through.
 Above : North American NA88 Harvard IIA* ZK-MJN (c/n 88-13909) as "NZ1052" arrives.
 Not the prettiest thing in town - is Cessna O-1F Bird Dog ZK-NAM2 (c/n 24106).
 Canadian Vickers PBY-5A Catalina ZK-PBY (c/n CV-37) in its "NZ4017" scheme.
The Cessna T210R Turbo Centurion ZK-TRO3 (c/n 21064918) of B B Aviation Ltd from Feilding arrives marked as "ZK-TRO".
All  pics from Andy Heap taken at Omaka on Saturday 15-04-2017.


  1. "Not the prettiest thing in town" The L-19/O-1/305 is Cessna's best looking aircraft. :)

  2. Yo there Dean. Sorry - not worded very well on my part - I meant the colour scheme is a bit different.

  3. True,its a odd paint scheme, but based on a USAF one from 1966. always nice to see the O-1's