Sunday 23 April 2017

Omaka from Sir Minty # 2

Foreign registered aircraft noted at Omaka on 15-04-2017 by Sir Minty include :-
The Bucker Bu132 Jungman SE-AIK was previously mentioned HERE.
The Comper CLA.7 Swift marked as VH-UVC (c/n 532/10) is not long off a major rebuild thanks to JEM Aviation.
Check HERE
In actual fact it was registered as ZK-UVC to JEM Aviation Ltd on 07-11-2016.
It will have temporary tape markings for its NZ flights before its return to Australia.
Built by Avioane Craiova SA this Yakovlev Yak 3U-R2000 (c/n 001-3/2005) entered the US register as N46463 on 11-11-2005 for William Whiteside and was used with some success in the Reno racing circuit as "Steadfast". 
The c/n tells us that it was built in 2005 and the model tells of its Pratt and Whitney R2000 engine.
It was sold to Australia and became VH-YOV with Eastern Fighters Pty Ltd of Perth from 24-12-2013. Ownership moved to Team Steadfast Pty Ltd in Queensland from 21-10-2015.
It was shipped over to Omaka for the Show - thanks again to JEM Aviation.


  1. Actually the Comper Swift is technically ZK-UVC. I was told by jay McIntyre of JEM Avition that they will cover o ver the VH before it is test flown. It will be returning to Aistralia

  2. Thanks Anon.
    Above text has been amended.