Wednesday 12 April 2017

Two hours at Feilding last Sunday.

Allan Wooller spent a couple of hours at Feilding on Sunday the 9th.
Cessna 180 ZK-CBH2 (c/n 32542) is of 1956 vintage.
It came onto the NZ register for Brian Hill on 14-03-2006.

 The old Departmental Cessna 182H Skylane ZK-DCD (c/n 18256423) is currently listed to T J Hitchman and G J Kearins of Feilding.
 ZK-DXL (above and below) is Cessna 172M (c/n 17263546) and it still carries its 'Air Fiordland' markings on the top of the wing.
aftBrian Curry of NZPN took it over from September last year.

 Jodel D.11 ZK-FHB (c/n AACA/188) was built by Bernie Kavanagh of Napier and registered on 30-03-1984.
It was re-listed to Peter Walsh of Hastings in May of 1987 and then moved to Denis Moore of Palmerston North in May 1992.
It was withdrawn from use after an incident at Colyton and its registration was cancelled on 06-11-1998.
Looks like it may be back in the air soon.
 Filtration and Plumbing Commercial Ltd of Feilding applied the Company initials to their Cessna 180J c/n 18052757 to create ZK-FPC.
This was imported into NZ in April of 2011.
 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP ZK-FTM2 (c/n 172S8516) is a year 2000 model which came onto our register on 19-11-2004.
It has been Feilding based since then - initially with Foxtrot Aviation, then Air Manawatu Ltd from May of 2006.
It changed to Flight Training Manawatu Ltd on 20-09-2013.
The latest change sees it now listed with the New Zealand International Commercial Pilots Academy (NZICPA) from 07-09-2015.
 The Tecnam P92 Echo Super ZK-KMA3 (c/n 1074) is Napier based with a private owner.
This is the third use of these registration letters on a Tecnam P92.
 The Sting ZK-STG2 (c/n 03 ST 39) has been with Athol Brown of NZPN since April of 2010.
This was originall registered ZK-VET in April 2003 - being re-registered as STG June 2004.
 The Cessna 172A ZK-WPO (c/n 47632) got a mention earlier HERE
Current owners Jason and Sarah Griffin acquired it in June 2016.
The Celier Xenon ZK-XJE (c/n NZX02) came onto our register on 29-01-2008 with the NZ agent Gyratae NZ Ltd.
It has been listed to a private owner since 01-06-2016.

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