Saturday 8 April 2017

NZRT RAANZ Arrivals.

Here we have a selection of arrival shots taken at the RAANZ fly-in last weekend at Rangiora.
 Bill Hopcroft's Tecnam P92 Eaglet U/L ZK-DDE2 (c/n 1479) from Balfour over the end fence.
 From Mossburn came George Taylor's Pipistrel Sinus ZK-GIM2  (c/n 129 S9120104).
 Then we have the Stratford quad.
The B and F Technik Vertri FK14B ZK-RFD (c/n 091) with Alan Warner.
 Gary March in the Monnett Sonerai 1 UL 'White Knight" ZK-SNG (c/n 06571) slips in.
 Don Boyd in Sonerai IILS ZK-SNJ (c/n 062592265) lined up nicely after his slip.
 Wayne Richmond in the third Sonerai ZK-SNW (c/n (062592365) over the fence.
 A nice sedate arrival from the ICP Savannah ZK-SVH (c/n 05-09-51-420) of Peter Rix.
From Otautau came the Aerospool Dynamic WT9 ZK-ZOW ( c/n DY038/2002) from the M J & K G Blomfield Family Trust. This was originally ZK-DYN2.
Above we have a reasonably gentle arrival and a long roll out from Stu Bufton in his Zenair CH701 ZK-LSB (c/n 6089).

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