Sunday 16 April 2017

Omaka shots from Andy Heap

 Ah lovely above. Spitfire MkXIV ZK-KIV as "NH799" over the fence 
Ah De Havilland below. Beaver ZK-CKH as "NZ6001" on short final.

 Victa Airtourer 115 ZK-CLD (c/n 130)  as "NZ1941 69".
 Douglas DC-3 ZK-DAK2 ( c/n 26480/15035) as 'NZ3546".
Above we have the AESL CT/4B ZK-DGY (c/n CT/4/001) as "01".
This was the prototype AESL CT/4 back in February of 1972.

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