Sunday 23 April 2017

Omaka as captured by Sir Minty # 1

Sir Minty made it to Omaka for the Easter gathering and offers the following photographs as taken on April the 15th.
Gert Van Kruiningen had his Airdrome Aeroplanes  Bleriot XI ZK-BXI2 (c/n BLE-003) up from Rangiora.
A very recent addition to our civil aircraft register is the McNair Mynah listed as ZK-LOI (c/n 5) on 13-03-17.
I'm guessing that the registration tells us that it belongs to Louis McNair.
More details on this in the next edition of the NZ Aviation news Magazine.
The locally based Avro 652A Anson Mk1 ZK-RRA which first flew as such back on 18-07-2012.
The Yakovlev Yak-3M ZK-VVS (c/n 0470106) from the Yak 3 Fighter Syndicate also first flew in NZ  in 2012.
All four have featured on this site previously.

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