Thursday 13 April 2017

Question time # 194

What to do on a no fly day.
Crank out another Question time for you.

It would be nice if you could tell me what type of aircraft this is.

And because there will almost certainly be a flood of answers -

Give me a likely NZ civil registration for this one.

And you may win a chocolate fish or maybe an Easter egg.


  1. Vickers Viscount ZK-BRD, after a wheels-up incident at Whenuapai 1958?

  2. I can say that it is a Canberra of sorts, can tell from the shape of where the cockpit would sit. Can't really get anything beyond that.

  3. Further reading has given me some clues. Canberra No. 6101 crashed while on final approach, and was the only one of the NZ Canberra's to crash while in NZ.

    1. ZK-TLC can you tell us a "like NZ civil registration" was applied to any Canberra?

  4. "Beau" from a muddy Omaka sent a text to say he thought it was a Canberra.
    He is not in the queue for a chocky fish or East egg.

  5. Not a Canberra - wheres the entry door?

  6. An email from "BL" who also reckons it is the Vickers V.807 ZK-BRD.

    I will give the answer early this evening.