Monday 1 May 2017

Nanchangs at Classic Fighters

As several of the eight Nanchangs at Classic Flyers have not been posted on this blog before, I now post photos of the "fei ji's" as follows:

ZK-STP (c/n 1232011) "China Doll" is registered to a Taupo address.

ZK-JQS (c/n 3832020) is based at Omaka.

ZK-KWI3 (c/n 2432027) is also Omaka based.

ZK-OII (c/n 1532004) comes from Auckland.

ZK-CVI2 (c/n 3632001) is based at North Shore.

ZK-FRU2 (c/n 2132148) also comes from Auckland.  This aircraft has been re-engined with the more powerful Vedeneyev M 14P engine instead of the original Chinese Zhuzhou Huosai radial.

ZK-CHG2 (c/n 5032018) is based at Hamilton.

And parked separately from the Nanchang lineup was the newly restored ZK-WOK (c/n 2132042) which was originally registered to the Marlborough Warbird Association on 13/9/96 but was cancelled form the register on 19/7/07 when owned by the Nanchang 42 Syndicate of Blenheim.  It has now been restored by JEM Aviation but has not yet been re-registered.  You can see the registration under the tailplane.

By the way, the two Nanchangs missing from Classic Fighters were ZK-MAO and ZK-MUD.

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