Saturday 6 May 2017

Same Stunning Afternoon at Taumarunui

While Richard Currie was enjoying the stunning afternoon at Taupo yesterday, 5/5/17, I was also enjoying myself flying in the stunning conditions at Taumaunui - smooth air, not a cloud in the sky and a light Southerly blowing right down Runway 19:

The Central Plateau mountains with a fresh dump of snow.  I really enjoy flying on the centreline.

This is the distinctive peak just North of the airfield.  If you can see it you can always find the field.

Mounts Ruapehu and Tongariro with the Chateau Tongariro on the lower slopes.

 The Wanganui River just South of Taumarunui.

A stunning view out to starboard.

Standard overhead rejoin at 2,150 feet.  It sure is hilly around Taumarunui!

Tucked up in the hangar.  What a great day!

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