Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Three from NZCH from 16-05-2017

 A visit to the Western grass area at Christchurch International Airport yesterday (16-05-2017) produced the following three photographs.
Out of Heli Maintenance came what is probably the most well known Hughes 369D in NZ.
ZK-IDD is c/n 670138D as operated by Fox Franz Heliservices Ltd of Fox Glacier.
This was the original ZK-HOT from December 1979.
See previous posts at ZK-HOT and ZK-IDD , And Here.
 Out of the Christchurch Helicopters facility popped the Aerospatiale AS 350 BA Squirrel ZK-HPQ3 (c/n 1420).
Previously listed as N5782G in the States it came to NZ and was originally registered as ZK-HYW2 with Rick Lucas Helicopters/Helipro Ltd on 17-02-1995. It was upgraded to AS 350 BA status from 14-11-2000.
Following the Helipro collapse Christchurch Helicopters did a major rework of this airframe and re-registered it as ZK-HPQ3 on 23-09-2016.
Parked near the Canterbury Aero Club hangar was the Cirrus Design SR22 ZK-PDR (c/n 1900) of Peter D Rutledge of  Aerohire Ltd of Whakatane.
This 2006 model cruised into Ardmore on 04-05-2008 and became ZK-STU3 for Stu Clumpas of Cirrus One Ltd of Howick.
It was re-registered as ZK-PDR on 21-05-2015 and transferred to Aerohire from the 26th.

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