Monday 15 May 2017

NZTE - NZTM - NZSD - NZTE Today 15-5-2017

A satisfying day today as I flew with Noel Bailey from Te Kowhai to Taumarunui for him to re-validate the permit to fly for ZK-KMM for another year.

We flew down in the locally owned Flight Design CTLS ZK-FDB2 (c/n F08-08-06) leaving before 9 am in the grey.

ZK-KMM exposed for inspection at Taumarunui.

The CTLS is a fast machine cruising at 115 knots with the flaps reflexed up, while using 16 litres per hour.

Then I flew ZK-KMM to Stratford, arriving in a rain shower - 53 nautical miles in 1 hour 15 minutes (with a bit of a deviation around showers en route).  Thanks to Nick Furmage for his help at Stratford.

Then back in the CTLS from Stratford to Te Kowhai - 103 nautical miles in 1 hour and 7 minutes!  This is over Tongaporutu on the coast.

You wouldn't want the engine to stop around here!

Across the upper reaches of Kawhia Harbour.

And on finals for the newly lengthened Te Kowhai.

Thanks very much to Noel Bailey for his help and instruction.

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