Thursday, 11 May 2017

The CIA files # 1

Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee ZK-CIA (c/n 25-2972) was imported by the NZ agents Airwork (NZ) Ltd Ltd of Christchurch and registered to them on 19-11-1964. 
It was then registered to Aerial Farming (of NZ) Ltd of Palmerston North the following day.
Below we see ZK-CIA in 'The Gully' at Wanganui Airport.
Dated between 1965 and 1967.
It was transferred over to James Aviation Ltd of Hamilton from 18-11-1967 and is seen in the two shots below in spray mode with the James Aviation insignia on the fuselage side..
Update 12-05-17. Thanks to Anon Glider Watcher we are advised that these two James Aviation shots are taken at Rotorua Airfield.
Aerial Work (Marl) Ltd took it over from 11-08-1969.
Below it is at Nelson with 'Swathmaster' gear attached and the loader drivers canopy forward of the hopper. 
The script below this canopy says 'Check for other occupants'.
 Below is ZK-CIA at Omaka carrying the pilots name 'Barry McMillan.
 The Company Pawnee line up at Omaka with ZK-CIA nearest.
 I then captured it at Ardmore on 13-11-1973 whilst in the care of Dave Phillpotts.
The canopy visible on the forward fuselage is not the loader drivers but is the cockpit of the Airtruk parked beyond
It then went to Barr Bros followed by Temple Martin at Hastings from 08-02-1974 and then on to Barr Bros (HB) Ltd at Waipukurau from 17-05-1974.
By November 1974 it was back with Temple Martin and was withdrawn and used for spares.
Its registration was finally cancelled on 01-08-1985.


  1. Ahhh but, is that the loader driver canopy visible in the first picture of this series, the Christchurch shot??

  2. Yes indeed it is - all sparkling new.

  3. The 2 James Aviation photos are at Rotorua,theres an Adastra Snow in the background.

  4. Thanks Anon Glider Watcher. I recognise it now that you have stirred my memory cells.