Sunday 19 March 2017

The Departmental Apache ZK-BUA

For many years the Civil Aviation Administration operated a varied fleet of their own aircraft.
One of these was the Piper PA-23 Apache ZK-BUA.
As c/n 1137 it was built as N3199P in the US 1957-58 fiscal year before and was delivered to Airwork (NZ) Ltd at Christchurch and registered as ZK-BUA on 21-11-1957.
Here we have two shots of it at Wellington outside the CAA hangar with sister Apache ZK-BLO alongside and two RNZAF Devon's down by the Government hangar. The date was March 1963.
Below we have a nice colour shot of it parked beside the Bell Block (New Plymouth) Control tower.
It has dayglo vertical stabiliser and wing tips on an other wise standard factory paint scheme.
Photo comes from Jonathan Dick
CAA had several name changes over the years including the Department of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Transport (Civil Aviation Division).
Below we see it with 'Ministry of Transport' along the side.
And the same scheme below as at September 1969. 
Parked outside the East Aviation hangar beside the Wellington Aero Club building.
Looks like it could be Keith Trillo's Avian ZK-ACM in the hangar.
At Paraparaumu below, on 13-11-1970, outside the Calibration Flight hangar.
It was snapped at Palmerston  North on 08-12-1972 in a new scheme with Ministry of Transport above the cabin and CIVAIR on the tail with the MOT logo above.
Yes I have flown this one - and it has no connection with this CIVAIR Blog site name.
And then a colour view outside the old Canterbury Aero Club rooms, hangar and workshop in September of 1973.
Ownership was transferred back to Airwork (NZ) Ltd on 13-02-1974 and in October of 1974 I snapped it again outside the Canterbury Aero Club facility.
Now minus all reference to MOT/CIVAIR and a change of tail colour. 
Airwork on sold it to W Sneddon of Nelson from 17-05-1976 who in turn moved in on to Brian Telford of Waiwera South from 12-10-1976.
Photo below at Ardmore on 09-08-1985.
B  H Taylor of Auckland took it over from 15-10-1985 with it going on line with the Airline Flying Club.
Addition owners include Mike Pemberton of Wellington from 11-07-1989. It was Paraparaumu based and is seen in its hangar in the three shots below.

The above three shots were taken by Jonathan Dick who used to clean and polish the aircraft for its owner.
It is seen below at Warbird over Wanaka in April of 2000.
Ownership moved to Peter Henwood of Christchurch from 10-05-1991; until it was transferred over to Air Canterbury Ltd at Christchurch from 29-03-1994.
Then it was back again to Peter Henwood from 17-03-1995.
Next up was the Rankin Partnership of Ohakea from 20-10-1996
Followed by the North Shore Aero Club (Inc) from 17-11-2001 with David Cowie and Stan Smith involvement.
It is seen in the two shots below outside Stan's hangar at North Shore on 06-03-2008.

Final listed owner is the Apache Syndicate of Albany from 01-07-2010
Below Keith Morris caught it at North Shore on 29-07-2014.

Finally :- Seen at North Shore by Magnaman on 06-06-2015.

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